5 House Painting Equipment Will definitely Help You Out

5 House Painting Equipment Will definitely Help You Out

FrogTape Pro Grade Tape

While doing paint job you need a unit tape that can provide the ideal paint blockage to achieve sharp paint lines the frogtape Pro grade tape made to provide you sharp pain lines. The frogtape pro comes at patented paint block technology which can provide you super sharp paint lines and complete your paint job with accuracy. Made from premium grade multi-surface blue painers tape the frogtape can provide a secure experience while using you can remove frogtape cleanly from most surfaces even after 14 days and allows you to do paint job for a long time. The frogtape can be used on multiple surfaces including cured painted walls and trim glass and metal to give you the ultimate freedom to use it on any surface without any kind of worry. If you are looking for a professional grade tape to finish your paint job with precision the frogtape pro grade tape is the right choice for you.


A ladder is an essential tool while painting as it allows you to reach high corners of your home easily the little giant velocity a durable ladder built to make your paint job more convenient. The velocity ladder comes in multiple height range such as 13 17 or 22 feet in order to suit your needs so that you can always have the right height for your paint job. You can use the velocity as multiple sizes of airframe extension 90 degree ladders or as a scaffold system. This ladder lets you do the job of five ladders easily. The Velocity lets you rates out toughest areas such as the space above the staircase vaulted ceilings and use your ladder over an around obstacles to finish your work comfortably. The velocity’s aluminum frame durables to handle on a max payload of up to 300 pound easily. While its wheels let you wave it around the house without collapsing. If you are looking for perp ladder to complete your paint job and comfort the little giant velocity ladder is right choice for you.

Bosch GCL2-55

Home painting job can be problematic if you don’t maintain any straight line that’s why you need boss GCL 2-55 a line laser that lets you achieve perfect straight line paint on your wall. The GCL2-55 features Bosch VC max technology to deliver maximum line laser visibility up to 50 feet in standard working conditions. It provides simple laser set up modes to project vertical horizontal and cross lines. The Bosch GL 55 can also project two lines independently or together. It comes at smart pendulum system that allows laser tool to self-level while also indicating out of level condition to help ensure an accurate misery. The Bosch GCL 55 system locks the pendulum when it is turn off so that you can carry it with you were free this line laser is IP 54 rated to withstand tough job site conditions such as rain and dust while its including magnetic L mount features strong magnets that lets you attach it on a steel surface. The Bosch GCL is an ideal line laser that can help you achieve perfect straight lines on your paint job.

Purdy Nest System

Purdy Nest System a multi-purpose bucket to provide a helping hand on your paint job the Purdy can hold up to five gallon paint and ensure you always have enough amount of paint at hand to finish your paint work without refilling. It comes a dual role of sides which lets excess paint to roll off from paint brush to reduce paint waste and makes your work more efficient. You can use the Purdy as a tool box where you can stash all of your painting equipment while its ergonomic handle lets you carry it conveniently anywhere. The Purdy Nest comes with poor spout that lets you really transfer paint from one to another without spills just like to watch your favorite movie on Movie Hustle and after complete one movie you go to another one. While its polypropylene material ensures nonstick paint experience and its longevity replace your traditional paint bucket. With Purdy nest to make your paint job more convenient and efficient.

Wagner SIDEKICK Roller

What is home paying job without a roller painter impossible right that’s why you need Wagner smart sidekick a professional-grade paint roller that leaves quality work on your walls. The smart sidekick paint stick roller draws paint directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint container and feeds. The paint directly to your surface to provide continuous painting with even coverage. Its auto fit control on the handle provides continuous paint flow without a roller tray for fast coverage. It comes with a 60 feet house that makes it simple to paint our walls ceillings and two-story areas with ease. The smart side keeps light-weight and portable design makes it easy to carry.

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