5 Essential Tips For Road Driving in Morocco

5 Essential Tips For Road Driving in Morocco

It is so interesting to know about the names of the roads and places when you travel to a place for the first time. It is an interesting activity for me by the way. Traveling on long distances by road is the other my favorite activity, although I had only a one time experience and those were my Family holidays in Morocco I remember. For Morocco, I have gone through many of the stereotypes based on the stories never existed. This is what I realized when I reached Morocco and successfully accomplished with our holidays there without any misadventure and discomfort. Me and my husband, Children were very happy coming back home from Morocco. I recommend you to must visit Morocco, but if you have intended to set out by the road and traveling in Morocco on road too, there are some outcomes, lessons which I want to convey to you as tips.

Tips you will remember to Drive in Morocco safely

Are you ready to tour in Morocco by road? Just careful of a few things and you will be getting the right experiences without any misadventure.

1. What Moroccan driving laws read

If you are over 18 years, you are eligible to drive a car in Morocco but not without a license though. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I was not needed an international driving license. I have traveled to a lot of destinations which need your international driving license to allow you to go anywhere in the country. Morocco, which has no driving laws as such in a country, a bit can charge you a penalty over your little negligence. In Morocco, you don’t need any driving
If you are found drunk while driving, you will be penalized by the local laws in Morocco, you may be fined and can be put behind the bars on driving-related negligence. Know that in Morocco, the cars are driven on the right side of the road and give other cars way on the left. Keep this norm in your brain.

2. Feel like driving at home country

Driving scene in Morocco is just like other countries, norms, signboards on the roads, all are identical in Morocco so don’t worry, feel like you are in your home city. No, but when we talk of the norms, you don’t have to follow the locals. The drivers in Morocco don’t respect the driving norms, they have their own way to drive. In Morocco, this was the only thing I was worried about. People there don’t care about the pedestrians on the road, they also don’t have a proper sense of driving.

3. Moroccans don’t have the sense to Honk, But don’t worry, Chill!

Take the first-hand experience from me, Moroccan roads are clear and smooth. You won’t be facing any difficulty in this regard. But what became a headache for me is the nonsense driving and Honking of the locals. They use Honk for everything during driving. Means they talk less, Honk more. Sometimes it makes sense, it tells you that you may find anything nonsense in a region but for the locals it makes sense. This is a moment you have to bridge the differences. Understand these things by knowing the norms of an area into more deeply. It will really help.

4. Inter-cities driving in Morocco

We traveled in Morocco not into a single city but to the various cities. We had a car and we drove that into Morocco’s various cities. If you are going from a city to another, you should check everything in your car is functioning rightly. In Morocco, people drive fastly on the long routs. You have to take the care your own and drive safely. You will have an opportunity to ride fast on the long routs but know about the traffic plans of the other cities you are traveling to. For example, if you are traveling to Tangier, don’t forget that it is a dense city, and you will find roads rushed with cars and people around. Same is with the other countries like Marrakech, Rabat, and Fes. But don’t worry, knowing the things in advance will give you the patience to face and enjoy your trip.

5. Night driving is a challenge

It is not a normal experience. We drove at night but then after some misadventures, I didn’t drive in nights during our holidays in Morocco. If you think that you are not good in the night driving, don’t drive at night. The first thing that in the evening and in the night, Moroccan cities are rushed out and no safe driving remains possible for the foreigners and people who think they are beginners. There are some cities which have good and less rushed roads, and have a good roads lights system, fine, but what is the emergency to ride a car in dark? Schedule your driving times and your other activities. Enjoy your trip! Cheers.

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