5 Dating tips for Men for their First Date

5 Dating tips for Men for their First Date

Dating is a tough business. What should you wear or what should talk or where should you go? There are thousands of questions going on that it actually becomes very hard to continue focus on it. So making things a bit easier for you, we are sharing 5 dating tips for men that will actually help them with their first date. Here it goes:

1. The first impression does count

You think that you look all good and all set to set the best first impression with that ripped jeans. Sorry to disappoint you but if you’re not the guy that actually wears or is cool to carry it off easily, then just don’t go for it. Don’t try to be anyone else or try too hard to fit in as per their choice. A confident man, who takes pride in his appearance, is what your date is seeking. This doesn’t mean you have to go over the top and walk with the tuxedo on. Wear something suitable that you are confident in and make the best first impression.

2. Choose the place where you feel all good

We all know how daunting dating can be. So if the ball is in your court which means if you have got the chance to pick a place, then you can easily cut through those nerves by choosing a more familiar territory. The familiarity with the place means no fear or unknown or new places and you will be more comfortable.

3. Be the good listener

We all know how much women appreciate a man who listens and pay attention. So the third tip is to don’t do all the talking. Always go for considerable pauses and help your date to open up by asking some date questions. Make the conversation more engaging and two-way. Listening is very significant as it shows that you are all interested in what your date has to say.

4. Be particular when it comes to conversation

A conversation becomes the determinant whether you passed out and grab the chance to ask her out again or come out as a total “DOUCHE BAG”. So be very particular about the conversation. Although make sure it is all light-hearted and go with the flow. It doesn’t have to be all in-depth conversation about knowing their whole family history or why they don’t like their jobs. You will eventually get to know it when they want to open up about it but don’t initiate anything serious and try to make it more fun for them on your first date. Also, don’t start any conversation about “ex”. That’s a dangerous territory you don’t want to land in.

5. Go for bill sharing

Yes, that may seem to be coming out straight from a feminist but it’s not. As per today’s time, most women assume that they are going to pay for their share of the bill. So it’s better to let her that in the very beginning so it won’t get all awkward or messed up at the end. It is very significant as you are clarifying it loud and clear that you both are equal and how much you respect her. She should not be spending time with you because she thinks she owes you but simply because she wants to.

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