5 Brilliant Space-Making Solutions for a Galley Kitchen

5 Brilliant Space-Making Solutions for a Galley Kitchen

Your dream house may have presented you with the challenging task of making do with a galley kitchen. These feature a narrow passage between two parallelly running walls. While these kitchens pose the potential inconvenience of congestion, we are here to help you find some amazing space-making tricks. There are plenty of ways to make the most out of a galley kitchen and have hand-picked the best ones for you.

Dream Bigger, Reach Higher!

Galley kitchens do not give you the luxury of a larger width, but enough vertical height. What you can do with this extra height is install kitchen cabinets that go way high and keep a stepping stool or a handy ladder nearby. RTA cabinets are one of the best options to choose from while assembling the galley kitchen. You have the liberty to furnish and fix the cabinet at your convenience. You should assemble the cabinets keeping in mind the importance of things going into them. If you need something regularly, keep them at lower level of the RTA cabinets and seldom used goods should find their place higher.

A Place for Everything and Everything in It’s Place

Organization is vital if you have limited space in the kitchen. You cannot simply throw things here and there, hoping that they will magically arrange themselves. If you optimize the cabinet space, including drawers, you will never face the difficulty of limited space. You should look for cabinet organizers and cabinet inserts to make the most of the kitchen cabinets. These are easily available along with RTA cabinets and are pure life-savers. If you keep the insides of the cabinets clean and arrange things in an orderly fashion, you will never face difficulty regarding the limited space of your galley kitchen.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

One of the easiest ways to organize your stuff is by getting rid of the unwanted items. Keep the things that you really need, do not overcrowd the limited space that you have. If you truly want to make the most of the space crunch in your kitchen, make a list of things that you regularly need and follow this list every time you run to the supermarket or the grocery store. Do not rely on your whims and fancies when shopping for the kitchen. Do not buy the exotic spices that you won’t ever use or appliances that caught your eye, but you have no idea how to operate them. Learn to eliminate the unnecessary so that you allow the necessary things to speak out.

Make Room in the Crammed-Up Space

Design your kitchen in a way that makes space for more than one person. You may have guests over or maybe you are not in the mood to cook alone. It is essential that you strategize the galley kitchen in order for two people to work on opposite counters. You should avail the discount cabinets in order to save some extra money and add it to organize your galley kitchen. These cabinets are not only an affordable solution; you may find a store that offers storage efficient and brilliant quality cabinets. Saving a little on the cabinets will give you the luxury to spend more on the design that your galley kitchen is going to have.

Think Carefully About the Add-Ons

While you save money buying discount cabinets, you should think about the add-ons you are going to have in your galley kitchen. If you have some extra money left with you, you can think of getting yourself a portable cart or add some open shelving to your kitchen. The portable cart will replace the need for an extra counter-top. It will make your life easy when guests are arriving or the holidays are around the corner. If you opt for RTA cabinets, it will be easier for you to accommodate open shelves, even DIY pot-hanger rack.

Do not worry about the limited space in your kitchen; follow these pointers to find your way around the restricted space. Galley kitchens may seem like a challenging and difficult area of your house, full of congestion and inconvenience, but it does not have to be like that.These five solutions will help you find your way around the galley kitchen.

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