5 Best Fridges to Enjoy the Summer Season at Home

5 Best Fridges to Enjoy the Summer Season at Home

Fridges are your best friends during the hot summer months in India. A refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance.

Now you cannot think of living a day without a refrigerator. It is an essential home appliance to store food, vegetables, and drinks and keep them fresh.

It preserves the nutrients in your food, which leads to a healthier and better life. However, buying the best fridge is an arduous task.

The decision of buying a fridge depends on many factors like the number of family members and their food habits.

Looking at the numerous options available in the market, it becomes complicated to decide which fridge to buy.

Here are a few best fridges that you can consider to buy as per your requirements:

1. Haier Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge

Features of Haier bottom mount freezer fridge:

  • DC Inverter compressor – To maintain optimum temperature based on the cooling requirement.

  • Holiday function – To keep the food fresh and odor-free during a vacation at 17 degrees Celsius.

  • Super Cool function and Super Freeze function – To keep the food fresh for a longer period.

  • Fuzzy Logic controller – To adjust the temperature for optimum preservation of freshness of food and drinks.

  • 90-degree Contour door – To move the vegetables and fruit baskets easily.

  • Child Lock – To prevent the opening of the door and accidental changes in the refrigerator’s settings by a child.

  • Door Alarm – To provide alerts if the door of the Haier fridge is kept open for a long time.

  • Luxury Home Bar - Has an inline automatic dispenser. It gives water, crushed or cubed ice at the press of a button.

2. Bosch Side-by-Side Fridge

Features of Bosch side-by-side fridge:

  • VitaFresh technology - To keep all your food and other items fresh for a long time.

  • Auto-defrost technology – To prevent frosting inside the fridge.

  • Fingerprint-free Coating – To prevent the refrigerator from mucky fingerprints.

  • Super Cooling function – To adjust the temperature of the fridge and freezer.

  • Ice Twister function – Provides ice cubes and chilled drinks within no time.

  • Multi-Airflow System – To maintain the temperature of the fridge uniformly and prevent condensation.

  • LED Lighting – For sufficient illumination inside the fridge.

3. LG Smart Fridge

Features of LG smart fridge:

  • Ice Beam Door Cooling technology - Maintains an even temperature throughout the refrigerator.

  • Inverter Linear compressor – For noise-free environment and energy efficiency.

  • Lumishelf LED lighting technology - To give a brighter and clearer view of all the compartments even when fully stuffed.

  • Smart ThinQ feature – To control and diagnose the LG fridge using your smartphone.

  • Multi Air Flow technology – To maintain the freshness of food with uniform cooling.

  • InstaViewThinQ technology – To shop for groceries, play music, check the weather, manage your calendar and more via voice commands between your smartphone and refrigerator.

4. Whirlpool Triple Door Fridge

Features of Whirlpool triple door fridge:

  • 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology – Maintains the freshness of food by preventing 99%* bacterial growth.

  • ZeoLite technology – Keeps away fruits and vegetables from excessive ripening by absorbing ethylene emission.

  • Moisture Retention technology – To keep the contents cool by retaining the moisture and natural freshness of food.

  • Micro block technology – To provide lifelong protection against contamination through a special anti-microbial additive.

  • Customized Cooling technology – Presence of a customizable temperature knob preserves delicacies and dairy products.

5. Samsung Frost Free Fridge

Features of Samsung Frost Free fridge:

  • Digital Inverter compressor – Adjusts the compressor speed as per requirement.

  • Ice Cube LED Display and Control – To control the various features of the fridge without opening the door.

  • Twin Cooling function – To control the temperature for the refrigerator and freezer separately.

  • 7 Smart Sensors – Keeps the food fresh under all conditions.

  • Power Cool and Power Freeze function – To cool the food faster and make ice cubes faster.

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