4Connect Founder Thibaut Foulquier talks importance of cyber security

4Connect Founder Thibaut Foulquier talks importance of cyber security

Growing up in Marseille in the stunning South of France, Thibaut Foulquier was very independent. Even as a child, he liked to do things by himself. It occurred to him early on in his life that creating his own company would be the ideal lifestyle for him, keeping that independence and being able to decide what he wanted to do, and touch on all areas of a business. As he grew, this idea always hooked him, and the moment he had the idea to create his first company, he knew he had found his calling.

“Technology has no borders, so we can adapt our companies and our business strategy on all continents,” said Foulquier. “21 years ago, when embarking on new technologies, like mobile, internet, or cyber security, I was not mistaken that in this market, companies world-wide would have the same uses and products.”

Foulquier’s greatest career accomplishments are founding the French telecom company L’Agence Télécom, and more recently, 4Connect, a major player in cybersecurity in France that was created four years ago and has already made almost €3 million in revenue. Foulquier is committed to bringing this company to €15 million in the next 3 years.

“Our fast success shows that we were not mistaken and that our customers were waiting for a company like 4Connect to help them secure their data. My next objective is external growth for L’Agence Télécom and 4Connect. To accelerate our double-digit growth each year, I decided to do external growth. I have targeted companies that are very complementary and that we are going to buy. They will allow us to have additional skills to implement our strategy. We’re going to double the group’s turnover,” Foulquier described.

Foulquier created this company in 2016 because with the increasing use of data and wireless networks, the need for cyber security products has grown. Prior to founding 4Connect, L’Agence Télécom worked with subcontractors when their customers needed security. Foulquier saw an opportunity, and bought one of those subcontractors to launch 4Connect. He and his team then made a capital increase of 1 million euros after their partnership with Fortinet to recruit the best engineers and technicians. He saw it as a logical and complementary continuation of L’Agence Télécom; L’Agence Télécom offers data access and 4Connect takes care of security.

“This level of security used to be reserved for large companies. I wanted to offer that same level of service to small and medium-sized businesses with 4Connect, because the need is just as vital. Data exchanges are more and more important in companies. It is therefore normal to protect the data we have. This concerns all uses (internet, wifi, mobile, cloud, etc.) and security evolves very quickly because hackers themselves work very quickly. We aim to always have the best product and the best integration for our customers,” he said.

By creating 4Connect, Foulquier has started to have a vision of his companies as a group. Not only is he providing a service that every company will need more and more in the future, but this also enables L’Agence Télécom to go further in building the positive relationships they have with their clients. Rather than just offering one service, they can offer several.

“For me, the group that I own is not a telecom group anymore. We can take care of the client in all their IT needs. I made a bet a few years ago that the future would be built on a strong, reliable and fast internet connection. With L’Agence Télécom we provide this connection. With 4Connect we build the services that users will need to be more efficient and safer. Today, I would not imagine one company without the other, and this is just the beginning,” he said.

With this extraordinary success just being the beginning of what Foulquier has to offer, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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