3 Ways to Style as Per 3 Different Types of Body Structures

3 Ways to Style as Per 3 Different Types of Body Structures

Every woman is a masterpiece in herself. And the right clothing along with styling the clothing with correct accessories will only accentuate the beautiful body you are blessed with. There are different body structures and clothing in accordance will only help you in embracing the beauty of your body. Here we have discussed “to do’s” and “to avoid” of three different types of body structure:


To do’s: For the women with the apple shaped body, you have to wear clothes that draw eyes from the midriff to the waist. In this scenario, your best friends are wrapping dresses, V neck empire waist dresses or dresses with A-line sequins. You have to choose the toppers that are extended at your hips while covers the body from the belly area. Tunics or layered tops are the best choice for women with boot cut pants having back pockets.

To avoid: try to avoid wearing skinny jeans or pants with straight legs patterns. Also, double-breasted jackets will drive unwanted attention to your chest area and tank tops will make you look bulkier. Another thing to avoid is to tie the belt around your waist. You can tie it just below the bust.


To do’s: Well conventionally, it’s the curves that are considered to be the most appealing parts of any women and you lack that. But you have got some beautiful edges for that “killer Sharp look”. You can create the false illusion of curves with your clothing and styling them with the right accessories. For instance, you can accentuate the midriff by wearing the belt at the narrowest part of the waist. Wrap dresses are your saviors. Peplum dresses will create the false illusion of an hourglass accentuating every bit of your beautiful body.

To avoid: try to avoid any top other than the one that ends at the hips’ mid-section. You have to work to draw attention to your shoulders and bust and for that choice, any accessories that don’t create any volume for the upper body should be avoided.


To do’s: Your shoulders are your strength and with your body structure you need to draw the attention to them. Hence always be handy for some beautiful neck accessories. It can be scarves, neck pieces, or even beautiful pashminas. Dresses with beautiful patterns are your best friends and so are A-line skirts and flared pants. You just have to ensure that your shoulders look broader to balance out the entire body structure, you can have bell sleeves or you can keep bateau-necklines for your toppers.

To avoid: Anything that put attention to your lower body is to be avoided. Hence you have limited options with lowers. Say a big no-no to short skirts, tight pants, pencil skirts, Capri pants, etc. also try to avoid wearing light colored bottoms. Your ideal combination is the light colored uppers with bold-hued bottoms.

These tips will help you in ascending your whole style as per your body structure. So are you all set to rock with some “killer clothing”?

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