3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Seasonal Organic SEO Traffic

3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Seasonal Organic SEO Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of boosting online visibility of a website as well as bringing more traffic to the site that will help it to get higher positions on the Search Engine Result Pages. Irrespective of the business that an entrepreneur is involved in, he or she always try to reach more number of customers; and being a cost-effective marketing strategy, SEO is the right choice for them. There are several strategies that you can use to differentiate your brand from others, especially during the holiday season. Yes, you hear it right. The holiday is the perfect time to attract your targeted customers to your website and thus, maximize the sale. And for this, your SEO needs to be optimized.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to completely change all your SEO strategies. All you have to do is to make a little changes that will push yourself ahead of the competition. Are you wondering what to do as a holiday season is right around the corner? Here are a few simple tips to boost your seasonal SEO traffic. Take a look.

1. Use Seasonal Keywords

You already have a list of keywords that help to drive traffic to your website all year long. However, for the holidays you have to incorporate some seasonal keywords. Customers will go through the web for the perfect gifts as well as will use holiday specific search terms in order to find them. If you are not sure about what kinds of keywords or key phrases to use for a holiday season then use different kinds of tools to find out the words that the consumers are searching for during the season. For instance, if your online store sells electronics, then you can use a keyword like ‘Christmas offers on electronic items’. Another way is to add the year to your keyword, such as ‘Christmas 2018’, to attract the customers who are looking for the latest deals. Always try to take advantage of the most popular keywords and lead your targeted customers to your shop.

2. Create holiday themed content

Consumers always go through the search engines for holiday ideas as well as advice that will help them during the season. Therefore, if you want to show up in the search results for their queries, start producing holiday-themed content. Start thinking about holiday blog post ideas early and based on that plan out your posts. Moreover, you should make sure that the topics which you will choose are connected to your business as well as help your targeted customers to solve an issue. When creating your holiday content, always consider specific buyer personas. For example, if you want to craft content which targets busy moms who struggle with gift ideas then use holiday specific keywords throughout the blog post naturally that cater the needs of the busy moms, to make sure that they found the content easily.

3. Revamp your landing pages

If you want to drive more traffic to tour website this season, you need to optimize your landing pages for the holidays. Incorporate seasonal keywords into your landing pages. Moreover, you should also include lost of internal links to the product pages and the holiday-themed content. You should also change the page title and the meta descriptions in order to speak about the holiday special offers, discounts, and so on, as well as update the videos and images too. Another way to optimize your landing pages is to use rich snippets. A snippet is a brief extract which includes ratings, images, pricing, product availability, details etc. It helps to rank higher and get more sales. So, make these changes to your landing pages at least a few days prior to the holiday for which you are preparing for.

These are some of the tips with which you can optimize your website. If you are looking for more tips and tricks, then opt for an Australian SEO company that can help you with this.

Author Bio: James Smith, a popular blogger who is associated with an Australian SEO company, here writes on 3 tips to boost up your seasonal SEO traffic.

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