3 Important Reasons why you Need to Attend Lectures Regularly

3 Important Reasons why you Need to Attend Lectures Regularly

Students in any med school need to work on how to make the most of their time on campus. There are many ways in which they need to make this happen right from the first day of their degree program. There are simply too much happening in the first few days for a student so that he may lose the plot as for how he needs to go about here. The approach from a student should be right on the money and one of the most important parts is about the lecture.

There are many ways in which a lecture can be really critical for a student. Students need to take lectures so that they can study about a particular topic or subject having all the information needed. I will now offer you 3 top aspects for which you need to take a lecture and prepare for it.

1. Be On-time to Take the Lectures

Punctuality is one aspect that students need to take care of regardless of the fact that other students are adhering by it or not. The fact that many students try to attend a lecture on time is what makes students go for this on-time too, it is for their own sake. Students who come early for a lecture get the best seat so that they can listen to what the professor is saying without any distraction. In this way, they also focus on the lecture and get to the pitch of it for perfect understanding.

In certain cases, especially at the start and near the end of the semester, there is a huge rush of students who try to take lectures. So the students on-time get the best seat or even a place in the lecture hall as there are cases when lecturing hall completely fills and students have to listen to the lecture sitting on the floor, especially in the case of combines classes of different batches/sections.

2. Lectures are Mandatory

In a number of universities in the US/Canada or even in the case of a Caribbean medical school, the lectures are often mandatory. And those students who fail to attend over 75% of the lectures, for example, don’t get the clearance certificate to attend the final exams. In some cases, entire exams are based on lectures so that students need to attend the lectures in any case. While the lectures can be boring and unexciting, unlike the lab sessions, students have to attend them in order to get the required number for making sure they appear for the exam.

The quality of the lecture is one aspect that students often complain about. But the fact that they are mandatory most of the times, make this excuse, not a practical one. Students need to take this seriously as once a student will be inclined towards bunking the lectures, he will find it tough to attend even a single lecture in a day and will be expelled from the med school, in a worst case.

3. Students not Living on the Campus

For the students, who haven’t availed the facility of a hostel at a med school or who live nearby it has to make sure that they give ample time for themselves to reach on-time for the lecture. There can be many unforeseen circumstances so that a student can get late for a lecture if he lives 20-30 minutes’ drive from the campus, for example. You need to give yourself at least 10 minutes margin to reach the campus, otherwise, you will face regular delays in reaching to the campus.

This habit of reaching to the campus on time should be vehemently followed by students throughout the year. Students who show some leniency in this concern start to face problems as they get to their lecture late in a routine fashion. Else they will face the music in the form of coming late regularly and this habit can be disastrous for students in many cases, as discussed above.

Final Word

If you think that you need some more information/help concerning this topic, then you don’t be shy and ask any question. You can use the comments section in this concern and also for providing your valuable feedback.

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