3 Essential Things about Discount Medicine Cards That You Must Know

3 Essential Things about Discount Medicine Cards That You Must Know

By now, you must have probably heard about pharmacy discount cards. It does not matter how you may want to call it- either drug savings card, discount drug cards or just pharmacy discount cards and so on- they have become an omnipresent factor in our lives when it comes to cost savings on expensive medication. No matter what age you may be, chances are that probably you are using some kind of a regular prescription for pharmacy drugs. However, with the exorbitant prices of medicines, most people have a hard time financing their prescriptions every month. If you also have a disease to take care of, then you can easily expect your annual expenditure on pharmaceutical drugs to be in the thousands.

So, how do these discount cards actually work? First and foremost, as a consumer and a citizen, you may be skeptical about the authenticity of this whole scheme, as these cards are ‘free’ and you might wonder how they make a profit out of it. At the same time, there are numerous cases where these cards have helped people to get medicines at a lower rate, and for this there are uncountable genuine customer testimonials.

Admittedly, most people who use it do not possess any hefty health insurance, and thus this card provides quite a novel opportunity for them to be purchasing necessary medicine without burning a hole in their pockets. However, what must be mentioned is that sometimes- depending on where you get your card from- even people who have insurance can use this card, so as to maximize their savings on medication. There are actually different outlets from where you may get this card. For some people, it is the doctor’s office, sometimes it’s an organization, other times it may require online registration, or it could just land up in your mailbox! So, you need not look for only one fixed place to get your card from. If you wish to clear your doubts and become more informed about the whole process, keep reading below:

  • Reduced Rate of Prescribed Drugs:

As a resident of the United States, you must know that different pharmacies can charge different rates for the exact same drugs. To save you from paying these high prices and get pharmacy discounts for medications, these cards were made. By using this card, you can get the prescribed drug at a much, much lower rate than usual. Even though it was originally made for those without any health insurance, nowadays, most discount cardholders are in fact, health insurance owners as well because they have realized that most generic or commonly used drugs can be purchased at lower prices by flashing these cards at the pharmacy.

  • Tie-ups with Majority of Pharmacies:

Most of the organizations or companies that offer these discounted pharmacy cards have tie-ups with the most reputed pharmacies in the country. The discounted prescriptions network works in such a way so as to let you compare prices for different FDA approved prescription drugs through more than 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S. Whether you want one or multiple kind of drugs, by simply entering the name of the drug and your zip code, you will be able to the check the reduced rate that you will have to pay when you use the discount card or coupon. Since it shows you the lowest prices of each drug at every pharmacy near you, you can check and decide for yourself which one you want to go for.

  • Involves No Scam:

One of the root causes of doubts for consumers stems from the question- how are the companies making profit? Most times, it’s the pharmacies, who pays these companies a small transaction fee every time a prescription comes through from their network. Since these companies have an alliance with more than 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S., chances are that your card will be accepted at the pharmacy near you. So now you know that there is no scam involved in the process. The arrangement works because of a co-dependence between the pharmacies and the companies and because ultimately the pharmacy wants a share of the latter’s vast business network as well!

So, now that you are more or less aware about discounted prescriptions network, start looking for a discount card today, and save hundreds on medications!

Author Bio: James Walker, a regular blogger on pharmacy discounts for medications here jots down three very significant factors about discounted prescriptions network and how the affiliated cards work to give you discounts on medications at pharmacies.

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