3 Essential Elements That Are Used for Making Self-adhesive Labels

3 Essential Elements That Are Used for Making Self-adhesive Labels

Labels are used almost everywhere, from the home to schools, and from retail to manufacturing of products, people and businesses around the globe make use of labels every day. However, when it comes to using a marketing tool during packaging, you would obviously like to opt for a high-quality label. And nothing but pressure-sensitive labels will be the right choice for you.

Also familiar as self adhesive label, this kind of label is often used as a form of packaging. It can be used on almost any kind of product material and can also be custom produced to fit on all shapes and sizes. There are several printing companies that offer these kinds of labels at affordable prices. However, before you opt for any of the companies, you should be aware of the elements that are used for making this label. Here we have put together the elements used for making this label. Take a look.

1. Label adhesive

The label adhesive is nothing but the glue which ensures labels stick to the required surface. There are several types of label adhesive, which generally fall into two categories, and where they are used will be made based on the purpose of the label. The most commonly used adhesives are permanent, where the label is not designed to be removed after contact is made. However, there are several other types of labels too, including peelable, freezer adhesive, security, marine, and many more. Picking the right one while it comes to different types of glue available as label adhesive, is crucial. The main types of adhesives include:

  • Water-based - Available in permanent and peelable formats, these adhesives are the common one, and are ideal in dry conditions, however, can fail somewhat if you expose it to moisture.

  • Hot-melt - This kind of adhesive is mainly used in moist environments. It can resist moist conditions and stick much better than other types of adhesives, and also used in some water-based product labelling.

  • Acrylic - As these labels can be removed and reused again and again, these are perfect for items which need to be moved around frequently. So, these are ideal for items that are constantly moved, as well as on products that have long shelf lives.

2. Face materials

Another crucial thing to choose when it comes to adhesive label is the face material. Based on where the label will be used as well as what it is being used for, the face material will differ. For instance, a label on a glass bottle will be different from the one that will be on the squeeze bottle. The most common types of face material are –

  • Polypropylene - Used for several types of printed product labels, this face material offers a number of advantages including high-quality print for the labels, low cost, and many more.

  • Polyester – Though mainly used for its strength, polyster also comes with other benefits, like temperature resistance. All these lead to its use in certain manufacturing areas such as medical environments, and industrial applications.

  • Polyethylene – The main benefit of this face material is its flexibility. Use for products like toiletries, sauce bottles, and others which come in squeezable bottles, this face material is durable and long-lasting even under pressure.

3. Release liner

The release liner of a label refers to the back part that is removed at the time of removing the label. It is specifically designed for easy and clean removal that allows the label to be lifted easily without damaging the label. Liners come in two groups. These groups and their applications include

  • Coated paper- Paper coated in silicone is used for the vast majority of labels because they are mass produced and for this, the cost is lower. Moreover, it also allows for a clean removal of labels without any tearing.

  • Plastics – If you are looking for a release liner that is more durable than coated paper, then it will be the right choice for you.

As you are now familiar with the elements that are used for preparing pressure-sensitive labels, quickly opt for a company that offers labels, stickers, hot stamping foil, and holographic products.

Author Bio: Rohit Roy, a regular blogger on printing products including labels, stickers, and hot stamping foil, here writes on the elements that are used for preparing the self adhesive label.

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