10 tips for finding and wearing your perfect lace front wig!

10 tips for finding and wearing your perfect lace front wig!

Lace front wigs have gotten into the prop industry like a wildfire! Everyone wants to have it at their disposal— be it highly-rated celebrities or any other aspiring artists. Why? Because full-lace front wigs feel realistic and natural!

Additionally, they're super fun to style and make your proppy-hair look real-strands flourishing out of your scalp. But if you're not aware of this type of wig and have heard your neighbors, friends, and relatives making an uproar— fret not! It's time that you arm yourself with 'wisdom of wig.'

Not just W of wig, but we'll help with A to Z of lace front wig with this blog post. So, let us walk through a few essential tips to finding your perfect lace front wigs:

Tip #1: Know how lace front wigs differ from regular hair carpets.

Why should you eat when your appetite is full? Similarly, why should you have lace front wigs when regular wigs are easily accessible? Well, it's reasonable to think this way. But lace-front wigs do the job what regular wigs fail to do.

Regular wigs make your head look full of faux hairs, whereas frontal lace wigs ensure that you feel natural in your skin. Usually, lace front wigs are made up of natural human hair or naturally-looking synthetic hair. Regular wigs have caps that's full of synthetic hair and look superficial in the first look itself.

Tip #2: Define your buying intent, and have it as you want.

You can't buy a phone unless you realize you need to communicate! Similarly, you can't decide on wigs if you don't know 'what job you are looking for your wig to do for you.' Ask yourself, why do you need it? Do you need your wig to last long? Or you want to be replacing them every Halloween or event?

If you can define your purchase intent, it'll get easier for you to filter the best lace front wig for you. The given wig is present in natural and naturally-looking synthetic form. Should you need your wig to last long, go for the synthetic-lace front, and if quality matters, natural lace-front wigs are good fits.

Tip #3: Determine if you're looking to dig deeper into your pockets.

When you're a new buyer, you definitely won't have many ideas on the variety of wigs available in the market. And when you don't know about the product, you won't know how much you're willing or capable of spending.

So, first thing first! Give yourself some time, and do your research! Different brands = different wigs = varying prices. Your goal is to research products, their values, and your spending-capabilities. You want to do homework to make informed buying decisions. Part of the reason why you need to be dead-attentive with your findings.

Tip #4: Map your wig requirements with wigs' specifics.

Not all lace front wigs are the same. Each has its own specifics. Braided wigs are not equal to naturally bouncy front lace wigs. Some wigs are excessively wavy & some extra-long. You want to know what you're looking for because not all of them will suit your personality and style.

While you may light up an entire town with a few wig styles, you may fumble burning a candle with others. So, you must try a few wigs and settle with the one that fits with your appearance. Yeah, we know this might take some time, but good things do take time. Don't they?

Tip #5: Look for the wig that demands less maintenance.

Some lace front wigs are like buying elephants— they demand a lot of maintenance. If you don't mind being a mahout of your expensive elephant, you can have any wig you want.

But if you don't want to spend your time taking care of your wig, add the one to your buying cart that needs less maintenance. Given that you've to engage in maintaining full lace front wigs and that too repeatedly, you can choose low-maintenance wigs like short braided wigs. Usually, short braided wigs are easier to manage than long braided lace front wigs.

Tip #6: Does size matter? It does! Figure out the right size.

Head sizes differ! No offense. We aren't talking about your brain's capacity. Instead, we're talking about the circumference of your head. Wigs come in different shapes and sizes, and not all will fit you.

So, it would be best if you had your head size measured before you put an order. Hold a measuring tape and encircle it around the upper part of your forehead and the upper part of your neck. Note down its size and buy accordingly! Please note that, Fortunately, most of the lace front wigs come with adjustable lining. Our wigs have circumference szies between 21.5 inches to 23.5 inches.

Tip #7: Get you that's easily customizable.

Okay! Why should you have non-customizable lace front wigs? Shouldn't a regular wig do the job? The purpose of the lace front wig is to give you a dynamic look and option to customize at your will.

If you're happy with a static and dull look, full lace front wigs are probably not meant for you. But if experimentation runs in your vein, styling and designing these wigs will help you stand out.

Tip #8: Hire a hair styler.

Unless you're yourself a hairstylist, don't try to design your selected wig. While you may want to learn its expertise, let the experts help you make it out. Honestly, there's nothing wrong about styling your own wig, but an experiential specialist will guide you through the entire process.

DIYs are functional, but not always. Lace front wigs are difficult to style, and there's a high possibility that you may not end up with the style you wanted. To avoid goof-ups, hire a stylist. It might cost a few bills but definitely prevent you from a big-time self-exploratory mess.

Tip #9: Play around colors.

Every wig is designed to meet a particular look. If you're very specific about matching your hair with skin and clothing— make sure that you scroll through the myriad of colors and types.

The best part about lace front wigs is: they come in lots of colors, and it's not mandatory to have a fitting look. Afterall, Halloween is also about being the 'best misfit.' We mean, who really cares if your wig matches with your cloth unless you're trying for a specific theme? If you don't care about becoming a socially inept person at any party— you don't need to be very finicky with colors, and you can play around any of them.

Tip #10: Don't forget the patch testing.

Have you ever wondered how wigs stick to heads for so long? You don't have to be Einstein to decode this. It's the glue that attaches your wig with the scalp. While adhesives are skin-friendly for most people, some people find a little discomfort around it, mainly because of over-sensitive skin.

Once you've selected your favorite full lace front wig, don't forget to patch check glue on your skin. It's a good practice to have, considering you don't want an allergic reaction on your hyper-sensitive skin.

So, what's holding you up? Select your favorite lace front hair prop, whether black braided wig or red braided wig, wavy or straight, long or short and hit our store! We at Nunique have plenty of wigs and costumes to make you all smile.

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