10 Best Brake Kits for Ultimate Stopping Power

10 Best Brake Kits for Ultimate Stopping Power

Choosing the right brake kit for your vehicle can give you top-of-the-line stopping power. The following are 10 of the best kits on the market. You will be happy with any of these whether you drive a truck or a sports car.

Power Stop Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Kit

As the name suggests, these brakes are designed for stopping and controlling trucks while towing. The kit includes drilled and slotted rotors along with low-dust pads. This is a great upgrade for any truck. Plus, you can often score the brake pads for sale when you need to replace them in the future.

EBC Ultimax Brake Kit

EBC is one of the leading brands in the braking world. Their kits are relatively expensive, but they are worthwhile. With the Ultimax set, you will get slotted rotors with high-performing brake pads. This series of brake kits are designed for street use and are great for trucks.

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Brake Kit

This brake kit with calipers has everything you need to give your truck ultimate stopping power. The rotors are carefully designed with well-placed slots and drill holes. Plus, the low-dust pads will keep everything running cleanly.

StopTech Select Sport Brake Kit

StopTech is another big name in the brake world. These brakes are designed for serio us grip, especially when hitting high speeds. Plus, they are designed to just bolt into place. That means less mess and less hassle during the install.

Power Stop Z26 Extreme Street Warrior Brake Kit

If you want to grab a set of Power Stop brakes that are ready to take on any road, this is the right choice. They are designed primarily for performance vehicles. They can handle the power of a big V8. Theyll also give you a good run on the track.

Baer Big Brake Kit

Sometimes bigger is better. This big brake kit has everything you need to replace your car brakes for ultimate stopping power. This is a great option whether you need to stop from high speeds, slow something big down or both.

TruXP Performance Brake Kit

These brakes are relatively straightforward compared to some of the others on this list. However, they still offer some excellent stopping power. They are easy to mount and come with chamfered and slotted brake pads.

StopTech Street Brake Kit

This brake kit includes high-tech rotors that make quick work of dissipating heat. You can choose between drilled, slotted or both depending on your budget and requirements.

Power Stop Auto Specialty Brake Kits

This is another set of more basic brakes. Despite the shorter feature list, these brakes wont let you down. Plus, they will be friendly on your wallet.

EBC Premium Brake Kit

Premium brakes are the entry-level version of EBC brakes. They bring you all the quality and performance of EBC brakes without the price tag.

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